This is our planned route:

 For our actual progress see the map on our home page.

Stage 1: Europe and the Middle East

From France, we'll cycle to the source of the Danube in the Black Forest in Germany. Then, almost 3000km down Europe's 2nd longest river all the way to the Black Sea. This is one of the most popular cycling routes in the world. It's flat (and in theory slightly downhill all the way!), much of it's paved with nice car-free bike paths, and there are lots of lycra-clad Germans to provide entertainment. Pastry and beer stops are also never far away.

Around the beginning of November, and after a brief stop in Istanbul, we'll head over the central Turkish plateau and into Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. Possible problems here are psychotic Turkish sheep dogs, psychotic arab driving, and the prospect of an early / harsh winter, which we haven't packed for. Hopefully we'll be in Cairo for Christmas!

Stage 2: North, East and South Africa

Out of Cairo, down the Nile, and into Sudan and the Sahara. There's a huge political referendum scheduled for January in Sudan so the situation could be tense. Hopefully they'll still let us in (and out). If we get through, then it's over the Ethiopian highlands and into East Africa. Neither of us have ever been to sub-Saharan Africa and we've not really thought that far ahead, so this section will need to be updated closer the time...

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