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Week 6 & 7: Bulgaria and Turkey

Emily pretending she knows how to mend a puncture 

Bulgarian border crossing 

Bulgarian hills - we are seeing a lot more of these now we´ve left the Danube 

Passing traffıc on a busy high street 

 Chillıng out in the afternoon sunshine

Picnic time 

Lovely campsite in the hills complete with natural spring 

Takıng a rest day or two ın Veliko Tarnovo 

Veliko Tarnovo´s fort with an amazing modern art altar piece in the church 

One of Bulgaria´s most beautiful views. Apparently.

Spooky woods ın the clouds 

Even spookier communist era 'UFO' building  

A welcome change from stray dogs


 Cave that was once home to Neanderthals and 3m long cave bears 

(see reenactment)

Cheap Bulgarian beer


Not more hills!


Takıng over the local shop for a well earned lunch at 6pm 

Crossıng in to Turkey 

The road to istanbul - looks pretty flat here but believe me it isn't 

Wild(?!) campıng turkey style caught the attention of the local kids 

The Black Sea 

Making it to İstanbul and the end of the road for de-bearded Benn 

One last physical and mental test - the McDonald`s challenge (one of every item on the menu)

Week 5: Serbia and Romania 

The two extremes of the Serbian roads we cycled on  

Luckily cyclists aren't the only slow moving traffic on Serbian motorways (spot the horse and cart) 

 Our first puncture, and the view back to Serbia from the Romanian border

Wild camping in the Romanian hills 

Ceremonial burning of our Serbia maps 

Max and Benn messing around with camera settings while Emily clears up after dinner 

Keeping warm   

Using a deserted building to protect us from the wind while we have a quick picnic lunch  

The narrowest point in the Danube gorge 

Imposing wild scenery and imposing wild dogs 

 Breakfast in the local bar - getting some much needed respite from the hail outside

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