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Weeks 10 - 12: Syria & Turkey



Larking about in caves

Crossing the Taurus mountains

Our highest pass yet: 1720m

Rolling down the valleys

Bread and nutella pit stops

Crossing in to Syria

More punctures

A strange but appropriate sign pointing us in the right direction


Emily the elf in mandatory modesty-protecting robes

Aleppo and Damascus


Street food Syrian style


Assorted 'stuff'

Dried fruit - from kiwis to tomatoes

Fuul - breakfast beans

Sugar and spice . . . 

Pomegranate juice

. . . and all things nice


Qala'at Samaan - a church built to honour St Simeon who lived on top of an 18m pillar. It was the biggest church in the word at that time (500AD)


Dead city of Al-Bara (plus our hosts)

Crac des Chevaliers - 1000 yr old crusader fortress ("The finest castle in the world" according to TE Lawrence)

Syrian hospitality

One of our many olive grove campsites, and one of our even more many roadside cups of tea

The Baroum family and their mysteriously ginger baby 

The walking jedi teddy - our favourite host

Desert road


Weeks 8 & 9: Turkey 

Underground Roman cistern featured in a Bond film!! 

mmmmmmm kebab meat

Wiling away the hours with backgammon and sheesha in Istanbul

Blue mosque 

Inside some of Istanbul's many mosques 

Back on the road after a (dry) week off, and we hit a spot of rain 

Taking a respite from the rains in a village tea house, and being plied with sweet tea and biscuits, and oversized mens clothing

Sunset over the valley after we climbed up to 1300m, but it was a bit nippy for camping . . .

the Kangal - a bad bad bad dog

Beautiful valleys in central turkey - do not be fooled in to thinking it was flat! 

Tea and puncture repair stop 


Our lovely hosts that let us 'camp' in the village school 

Coming in to Cappadocia with the Taurus mountains rising up in the background - our next challenge 

 Byzantine frescoes in the cave churches of Goreme

Picnic in the Goreme valley with more cycle tourers

Hot air balloons over Cappadocia at sunrise 

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