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Leaving Khartoum with an Italian tourer Andrea and a local escort 

A typical Sudanese tea lady

Being put up for the night in one of the village huts complete with beds and tea

Changing scenery in Sudan away from the north west desert  


Pepsi pit stops tend to draw a crowd of curious locals 

9,000km and our first rain in three months 

 Cycling up in to the Ethiopian highlands


Beer gardens and castles in Gondar



Traditional villages 


Sitting amongst the Gelada baboons and stunning views of the Simien mountains  

Gelada baboon 

Weird and wonderful Ethiopian scenery


Big bird 

Max's 30th - before and after DIY chicken dinner 

Cake, balloons and family visits - a far more civilised birthday for Emily 



Local shepherds who slept outside our tent to guard us from 'teeth' (we assumed they meant thiefs)

 Emily supporting the local economy by paying children in biscuits to push her up hills

Taking a well deserved rest up one of Ethiopia's endless mountain climbs 


A local priest 

The lake monasteries of Bahir Dar 

Pilgrims arriving for a funeral 


Making hay while the sun shines


One of the few secluded spots we found to camp - although our breakfast preparations were watched by at least 6 locals and a herd of cows 

The local staple injera (pancake type thing) served with shiro (a kind of bean paste)

Every cycle tourers arch enemy: child herders - whose local sport is to pelt cycle tourers with stones to cries of "you you you!"


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