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Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi


Crossing from Kenya to Uganda via Mount Elgon


One or two locals spot our campsite (views from inside and outside the tent)


 There must be bananas in here somewhere . . .


East African staples: rice and beans and the humble chapati


Trekking and cycling the foothills of the Rwenzori mountains 


Max and Bananaman 

Taking a dip in one of Uganda's many crater lakes

Colobus monkey


Crossing the equator and beautiful Queen Elizabeth park


Looking over in to the Congo from our park campsite

Wielding the lion clubbing stick - no wonder none dared approach

Beautiful campsite on the outskirts of the park and doing a safari with our Belgian friends

Blue-headed lizard


Cycling through Bwindi national park

Grey crowned crane 

Taking some R&R on Lake Bunyoni 


Weaver bird 

Reaching 12,000km in Rwanda

Beautiful Burundi 

Friendly kids giving us the extra push up one of Burundi's many hills

A boda boda - motorbike taxi - the only way to get around East Africa (except by bicycle of course)


Hills on the Burundi/Tanzania border 


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