Weeks 3 & 4: Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia

Entering Slovakia and enjoying the beautiful old town in Bratislava 

We found the cycling sign at the Hungarian border ominously full of bullets 

Communist statues: these eerie reminders of Hungary's darker days were rounded up from the centre of Budapest and dumped in a park on the outskirts of town

The Danube led us straight in to the heart of beautiful Budapest 

Max only has eyes for macaroooons.  

Stopping for a break with Maurice, a fellow cycle tourer. 

Braims on toast in Southern Hungary - not a smart choice, it turned out. 

The only ripe munchies to be foraged in Hungary, beautifully complimented by stuff from the 'local' grocery store. 


Enjoying plums wrapped in dough - given to us by a kindly Croatian lady when we stopped for a rest. (Guy in indecent lycra and beard is Ben, from Wales, also on the way to Istanbul)

Bullet holes and bombed out buildings in Vukovar. This part of Croatia saw some of the worst fighting of the recent civil war.

Camping on the banks of the Danube that marks the border between Croatia and Serbia. 

 Fine dining next to our 'wild' campsite - we weren't able to shower but         at least we ate well

 Crossing in to Serbia - country number seven

 Disturbing Serbian street art

Walking on the wild side in Belgrade 

Another milestone reached - 2,000k on the outskirts of Belgrade 

Week 2: Germany and Austria

Muesli and beer for dinner in Weltenberg, the oldest monastery brewed beer in the world

Look what I got at the local schmuck store

Beer and sausage at a beer festival in Passau - a sweet goodbye to Germany 

Ready steady cook cycle touring style 

 Campsite in Passau

Cycling along the Danube in Passau 

Comedy signage looking like something out of a world war two film

Crossing the Germany Austria border 

On the way from Passau to Linz - first stage of the most popular cycle route in the world

 999.99km - a big landmark reached just before Melk

Caught red handed and pretty views in the Wachau wine region of Austria

We took our food very seriously in Vienna, especially Sacher Torte, the most famous chocolate cake in the world.   


Pictures from our first week on the road: France and Germany

A quick crepe in Strassbourg 

Entering Germany 

 Pretty German meadows

And Max with his trusty steed

Cooking up our first feast 

And eating our first feast (tastier than it looks)

Plotting our route 

Our beautiful home 

Over the Danube river 

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 Muesli with Kristian our Canadian friend

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