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Week 16: Egypt


The Princess in her tower

More sightseeing in and around Cairo 


Cycling down the beautiful (and blissfully flat) Nile valley 



Our friendly police escorts who patiently trailed behind us for most of the way from Cairo to Luxor


The Egyptian version of a greasy spoon 

Water buffalo in the morning mist

Little house on the Nile

Horse/donkey riding in Luxor 

Kosheri - a delicious Egyptian fast food consisting of every carbohydrate ever invented - perfect for the greedy cyclist 

Christmas lunch - deep fried 'meat' burgers on cheese spread and pitta (not so much as a brussel sprout in sight)

Is that a gun between your legs or are you just pleased to see me?

Slow moving traffic is a persistent problem (Emily, not the donkeys)


Weeks 13 - 15: Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt 

 A little more Syria

Crossing in to Syria, and breakfast in the courtyard of our hostel in damascus


Day trip to Lebanon 

The peaceful ruins of the Umayyad city of Anjar 


Indulging in some Western delights (in this case Costa)


Max on the awesome Roman temple remains of Baalbek  



 Welcome to Jordan! Home to the most amount of hills squeezed in to one country possible


 Revelling in the luxury provided by our host Billal - a bit more upmarket than the tent in his olive grove we were trying for


Emily whizzing down evil mountain roads


Another day another wadi (valley / gorge) . . .  



Getting out the sun for another nutella pit stop 


Tea with the Bedouins who live and work in Petra 



Waiting for the ferry from Jordan to Egypt


Cycling along the Red Sea Coast 

Making the most of the sea before hitting the desert 


Sneaking around Taba Heights, and 'pub tandoori' - our home and saviour 



Desert road, before things went bad 




The aftermath of the sandstorm 

 Cairo! And the Nile river, our new best friend




Enjoying dinner in our flat 

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