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 Spot the non muslim at prayer time on the ferry from Egypt to Sudan



Our first tea stop in Sudan in the port town of Wadi Halfa


Cycling as a group of 6 across the Sudanese desert for a few days



Meeting the locals 



Sweet local girls watching us from a safe distance 

An invitation to tea from the village that let us pitch our tents in their barn


A warning drawn in sand by a villager before we settled down to camp for the night


Filling up at a water station 


 Breakfast: the most important meal of the day (especially when it is donuts)


Baking under the desert sun 



 Admiring the stars in the cool of the night


 Camel crossing


Emily doing her best impression of a highwayman 

Our first sight of monkeys 


Watching the dervishes whirl


Omdurman market


Trying out the local cuisine - locusts taste about as disgusting as they look (definitely stick to the donuts in future) 


Watching some impressive Nubian wrestling in Khartoum



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