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Southern Ethiopia and Northern Kenya


A typical village hut


The Ethiopian staple injera (a kind of sour pancake) served with everything, even pasta

Tej (honey) wine looking like magic potion

Hippos and Crocs in Chamo Lake 

Meeting the Dorze: a traditional weaver community of Southern Ethiopia

The Dorze woven blankets (and cool hairstyles)

Outside (left) and inside their 12m high huts 

Fear the mighty Dorze warrior (that's real leopard skin and the shield is made from hippo)

Max's first football game in 6 months (they won!)

Staring down at the hot, barren Lower Omo valley below us

The people of the lower Omo valley


Village of the Hamer people in Southern Ethiopia 


Children from the Hamer tribe

Painting and decorating Hamer style


 Dancing and singing at the Hamer Bull Jumping ceremony


Cycling to the end of the world, or that's how it felt: the Ethiopian police checkpoint before crossing no man's land in to Kenya



'Cycling' along Lake Turkana 

A big jerry can of water and box of rations very generously donated by the Kenyan army. We never knew corned beef could taste so good!

Getting a puncture much to the delight of the local kids - the first of 6 that day, thanks to the thorn trees.

Finding an 'official' border crossing in to Kenya

More English than England (except for the monkeys) - the beautiful country cottage we camped at.


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