Welcome to our website! We are Max Goldzweig and Emily Conradi from London, and in 2010/11 we cycled 14000 kilometres, through 23 countries, in 9 months, from Strasbourg in France, to South Africa, via the middle-east. We were entirely self funded and self sufficient - camping and cooking for ourselves - and we'd never gone on a bike trip of more than 4 days before. On the way, we managed to raise almost £4000 for Unicef Schools for Africa - an excellent charity - who work relentlessly to ensure that millions of disadvantaged children across Africa have the chance to go to school. You can check out our route, blog, photos, equipment, and get in touch

In March 2013, we set off on the next cycling adventure: from our doorstep in England, through the Balkans, and Central Asia, and eventually through China to South East Asia. The website for this trip is www.cyclingtochina.com.

And in July 2015 we were off again, cycling from Canada down to South America: www.cyclingtosouthamerica.com.

Our route through Europe, Middle East and Africa:


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